270435_10150314245075801_6414515_nJEFF ROMINE

Jeff was born and raised in the air capital of the world: Wichita, KS. For his paycheck, Jeff has the privilege of working to advance liberty and free markets for all Kansans by serving as a fundraiser at Kansas Policy Institute. Previously, Jeff worked extensively in the private security industry.

Jeff has a passion to see others grow in glad obedience to God by helping others cultivate a deep, rich theological understanding and affection for God. Currently, Jeff serves as a layman at Midway Baptist Church.

In 2011, Jeff married the love of his life, Ashley. Together, they raise two heathens, Mason and Amelia, which they affectionately call their children. When he isn’t changing diapers or doing dishes, Jeff enjoys reading, blogging, dominating the world through turn-based strategy games, and (perhaps most importantly) catching up on sleep.

You can reach Jeff by emailing him here.



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David is the Associate Pastor at Midway Baptist Church, overseeing worship, music, young adults, and missions. A Texan by birth, David has previously served in congregations across “the promised land” including Dallas, Beaumont, and Orange, Tx. David has an intense passion to see all peoples come to know the glory of God and the joy of living for Him.1917061_192866015791_1171222_n

As an associate pastor and worship leader, David seeks to keep Christ the glorious center of both life and worship by using Scripture and prayer as means of knowing and communing with God. David has a particular affinity for young adults in the Millennial Generation, and desires to engage them in meaningful, accountable, and growing relationships with Christ.

David enjoys Bible study, theological reading, mentoring, and thinking about being in better shape while doing yard work. People who have influenced his thinking and living include Augustine, John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, Amy Carmichael, Charles Spurgeon, A. W. Tozer, Henry Blackaby, Richard Owen Roberts, John Piper, and Paul, his elementary-aged protégé.

You can reach David by emailing him here.