The Sweetest Name

I sat in church last Sunday morning with my family. They are my brothers and sisters in Christ—men, women and children who share the same heavenly Father as I. They are people who know the Savior personally because they have given him their heart and life, accepted His forgiveness of their sin and His gift of abundant, eternal life.

We’re a rag-tag bunch from all walks of life; tall, short, large, small, old and young. Some bear heavy loads; burdens that weigh so heavily it seems one would break beneath their weight. Some bear hidden wounds within, as yet unhealed. Some battle the enslaving captivity of an addiction. Some hide broken aching hearts behind a smile. Some don’t even try to hide their pain anymore; it’s worn on their face and seen in their halting, stumbling gait of despair. We all battle the enemy’s fiery darts day after day, and struggle beneath our load in life.

But while we all carry burdens, we, the members of his blood-bought church, also carry within us The Truth; the miracle that is Jesus. I never tire of watching eyes dimmed and clouded by the cares and sins of the world brighten as The Truth takes hold in their heart. I love seeing broken lives and wounded hearts made whole. I love seeing Jesus happen in lives that have called on His name, turned from their sin and given Him total control.

I can do a hundred good deeds for my hurting, broken family and friends. I can point them in the right direction. I can tell them what is true. I can help bear their burden, lift their load and give them an encouraging word. I can speak affirmative, feel-good, happy words and tell them to think positive thoughts and all will be better. But all of my attempts to help are only a surface, superficial fix for their hurts and burdens.  It is impossible for me to provide the ultimate and only answer to their problem because I can never forgive their sin, redeem them or give them abundant, overflowing life. There is only one answer.  There is only one name. There is only one who can meet and satisfy all the deepest cravings of our heart.  There is only one who gives us access to The One who created us and knows us more than we know ourselves and brings healing. There is only one who is …the way, the truth and the life; (and) no one comes to the Father except by him. (Jn.14:6) Jesus.

For those of us to whom much has been forgiven, that name will forever be more precious than gold or silver. That name, when breathed in the faintest whisper of dying hope, brings all the power of heaven to our rescue. That name, when shouted above the stormy din of despair, brings the power of peace. That name, when cried out in the midst of suffering and pain, brings the power of healing—Jesus.

There are times in my life, and I’m sure it’s no different for you, when I am tired and weary; knocked down by the enemy’s continual accusations, lies and slander. In those moments, I run to the Savior, sobbing that precious name in desperation. I am instantly tucked under the shadow of His wing. There, hidden away from the world, He whispers His love to me. In those intimate moments He infuses me with His strength so that once again I can stand and face the battle. That name is my fortress, my refuge, my shield and defense.

Jesus. His is the name above every name. Jesus—whether you speak it, breathe it, or shout it, call upon His name. When you do, He will set you free and you will know the power of His presence and the all-consuming, transforming miracle of Jesus. This, brothers and sisters, is all we have to offer those who are wounded, hurting, and in despair.  This is what we must offer to those who do not know Him.

Proclaim it in your classroom.  Speak it in your workplace.  Teach it to your children. Preach it from the street corner. Shout it from the rooftops, “GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS!” …there is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we can be saved. (Acts 4:12)

By Cherie Camp

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